Atomic Love
You have stumbled upon my secret love for an intense candy.
Read some fireball haiku and may you burn your tongue with pleasure.
atomic fireball,
ignite my tongue. send me to
cinnamon heaven.
yes, candy can be sexy.
mmm, so hot and sweet.
go away, garlic!
atomic fireball vows to
chase you from my mouth.
the red hot flavor
makes seventy calories
worth every swallow.
paralysis comes
to many of my tastebuds
when i suck on you.
All images and haiku on this page (except for the guest poets) are Copyright 2002-2021 and beyond by Rachelle Rose
Atomic Fireball is a registered trademark of the Ferrara Pan Candy Company. This webpage is intended purely for satire and a tribute to my favorite candy.
whistling and smacking,
cold, astringent breath stoking
sweet, cinnamon flame
Jay Maulsby, Houston, TX
Go home.
why is my tongue red?
oh yes.  i remember now.
fireball hangover.
empty, evil bag...
mocking, soulless cellophane
glares vacuously.
a duel ignites
between altoids and fireballs.
who is triumphant?
fissionable love
an oral china syndrome
the taste of passion.
JZ, Seattle, WA
place on your tongue these
heavenly balls of bliss like
communion wafers
Alva Starr
wrapped in a hard shell
delight dissolves in your mouth
like fiery kisses
Alva Starr
atomic fireballs
more potent than sex or drugs
sweet cinnamon sin
Alva Starr
here is something true
big fat har likes fireballs too
hey! this haiku rhymed!
Ben N.
my eyes fill with tears
such sweet, beautiful mouth burn.
better than Red Hots!
Chicken Wing Charlie
naughty little spheres
sting my unsuspecting tongue
like red scorpions
dream of the fireball
cinnamon subconscious thoughts
will invade your soul
fireballs contain carbs
but not enough to stop me
feh!  atkins, shmatkins.
Thanks for reading my
Atomic Fireball haiku