Oh, it's way beyond groovy, man.
Exploding Dog and Red Robot.  The most thought-provoking stick figures ever drawn.  Yes, my friends, less is
I am in love.
Lisa Supersmall and her tiny things
Fellow artist and friend to all animals
Friend and fellow mandala painter
For my curlyheaded sisters and brothers out
Got alien?  The awe-inspiring art of H. R. Giger
   Sam gives renewed hope and liberation to stick figures
Gotta love these little critters.
For thems that seek enlightenment
Dreams, submitted by the public, drawn into comic
Cool doors, man.
Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Fascinating, hypnotic, and addictive
"Never wear your best pants when you go to fight for freedom..."  and
other gems.
Just like the chocolate says:  The sentimental taste is cozy for the heroines in
the town.
My wishness is for you to visit this entertaining site.
When you have the urge to see things at the molecular level, as i
often do...
Can your heart stand the shocking facts?
The surrealist compliment generator
These are some of my favorite links to cool or strange places.
Feed your addiction.  Go.  Now.  Come back soon.
Marianne's Mandalas
Naturally Curly
Surrealist Compliment Generator
Micro Gallery
Links to the Left of Center
H. R. Giger
Exploding Dog
Zen Guide
Unusual Fortune Cookie
Inconspicuous Consumption
50 doors of San Francisco
One of my all time favorite zines.  Fun to visit online, but even better out of the mailbox and into
your hot little hands.
Slow Wave
A man whose love child I would gladly bear, as I am wont to say.
"Kick ass art, baby."
Roq la Rue
Jackie Chan
Go home.
Gabba Gabba Hey
Increase your good literature karma by releasing your books into the wild via Bookcrossing.  Free
your books and your mind will follow.

Look at all
those links!
Holy blobbies, Batman! You just gotta see
Sam is THE man to go to for tikis.
I have an entire room decorated with his wicked cool
poster art.
Great guy, great tikis, great balls o' fire!
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Micro Films
If you can read this, then you'll love Micro

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