Requiem for a Watermelon
That 4th of July had been flawless.
Mother Nature had obliged us by bestowing upon us a gorgeous and perfect midsummer's day: Sunny,  breezy, and accompanied by the
most lovely and picturesque sunset one could hope for.  It was a veritable kaleidescope of color and brilliance.  We feasted upon roasted
fowl, a myriad of delectable appetizers, and imbibed countless bottles of distilled spirits.  Twilight crept slowly upon us.  We waited patiently
for darkness, which would signal the start of our annual pyrotechnical display.
Then, a fateful decision was made...
"Hey.  Let's blow up a watermelon."
After being inscribed with the Yin Yangs of Protection at my insistance, Evan and Patrick stuffed an unfortunate watermelon with explosives
and we all gathered at a safe distance, gripped with fear - our pupils dilated with morbid curiosity and suspense.
Below documents our experience, along with the sad, final moments of an anonymous, selfless watermelon.
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