Jack Black's hamster haiku:

onyx-colored fur

running on your hamster wheel

in the dead of night



Oh, how I love this little rodent.  My Jack Black is a Syrian Black Bear hamster.

His favorite treats are peanuts, cashews, celery, and yogurt-dipped blueberry crunchy balls.

Jack enjoys running around the house in his red race car.  He also has a fancy hamster "condo" with a view that he vacations in occasionally.



Some helpful facts about Syrian "Black Bear" hamsters:

They (Syrian hamsters, specifically) are solitary animals and must live alone (will fight with other hamsters to the death).

Hamsters are nocturnal.

Hamsters are very clean and groom themselves frequently.

Once tamed, Syrian hamsters are very curious, friendly and sweet.

Hamsters have "hip glands" each each hip to rub onto objects to mark their territory.

A human year = 25 hamster years, so one human hour is approximately one hamster day.

The word "hamster" comes from the German "hamstern," which means "to hoard."

Hamster teeth always grow, so you must keep things in their cage to gnaw on, such as a wood block.

Hamsters have the shortest gestation period of all mammals, and are sexually mature at as early as 5 weeks.

A single pair of hamsters could potentially parent several thousand babies in a single year.

Hamsters have ribs that can get almost completely flat, giving them the ability to easily squeeze under door cracks or other tight spots.

Hamsters have almost no depth perception, but can see a 110 visual range - which is helpful for escaping predators in the wild.

Hamsters can only see in black and white.




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