Alright, I'm not going to lie to you.
I'll admit it. I'm addicted to
photobooths. There. I've said it.
There's just something about an
old-fashioned photobooth that I
can't resist. Photobooths have a
special honesty and funky charm
about them. They often get to see
the parts of your personality that no
one else gets to see, once you close
the grey curtain and enter the private
realm of The Photobooth.
Oh yes,
they know
They can tell a complete story in 4 pictures and
give you a time-capsuled piece of personal history
in an astounding 3 and a half minutes. And they
listen without complaining, like a wonderful friend
or perhaps a deranged, novelty confessional booth.
They're happy to watch you ham it up like a lunatic,
pretend to be a glamour queen or rock star, or get
kissy-kissy with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Yet,
when you're in a hurry and you need a serious and
legitimate photo for a passport and don't have time
to mess around, who's there for you?
I'll tell
that's who.
Here are some of
my photobooth
pictures. Click on
the thumbnails to
your left. The big
picture will open in
a new window.
***A very special thank you
to my guest artist and male
muse, Mr. Jay Maulsby, who is
endlessly full of creative
cogitation. Also, a travel mug
full of indebtedness goes to to
my rabbit friend, Johnny, who
is not only a dear friend, a
damn fine rodent
impersonator, but truly an
*Attention photobooth
I just started a
webring for photobooth picture
artists and collectors. If you're a
fellow freak like me that just
can't stay away from these
amazing machines, please
consider joining me
Behind the
Grey Curtain.
Click on the link
that says "Ring Hub" in the box
below. It's free and it's fun to link
up with other people who also
love "the booth."
Muchas gracias, amigo.
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