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Come and look at a flash of my older funky stash...In the Gallery d'Rach
Most of these pieces were created between 2000-2005.
The Art Gallery
This pencil drawing looks suspiciously like my ex-husband.
An old guache painting of the man in the moon.  It's also my ex-husband.  12
I really cannot explain my fascination for fish except I that think they bring luck.  Acrylic and sand, 16
Look into the eyes of a beloved pet.  Try it.  Acrylic 15
Another watercolor mandala.  12
This one lives in Kansas now.  12
Mandala painted with watercolors.  12
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I painted this for Hunter's first birthday, since she was really into butterflies at the time.  Acrylic, 15
This is a batik tee shirt that  I made using beeswax as a resist.
Grasshopper has a poet's heart.  Excerpt from the mandala shown above.  Watercolor and acrylic, 12
You'd have to hear the story we wrote for this shirt to make sense.  It involves dogs.
A tribute shirt to the Who.  What can I say...I was in college....or didn't I just say that? Again, thank you Eric Beck.
Tribute to Hendrix shirt.  What can I say...I was in college.  Cheers to Eric Beck.
Mandala for surrealist poets, pirates, grasshoppers, and Mr. Maulsby.  Watercolor 12
A tiny little haiku painting that I made for my soulsister, Jules.  Watercolor, acrylic, and beads, 5
Go home.
What to do with those annoying AOL tins that you get in the mail?  I made a postage stamp holder for my mom.  Click me.
Save your cereal boxes from the landfills, folks.
Watercolor mandala, approximately 9.5
This here's a painting about a dream I had, in comic form.  I gave it away as a prize for solving an anagram puzzle that I created.
A cute little demonaut that I made for a dear friend.  Extremely shiny acrylic on canvas.
A gyotaku with a painted watercolor background.  To see more of my gyotakus, go to the Gyotaku Page.
Seeing Stars:  An altered photograph
Fire Dog:  An altered photgraph
Love Energy:  An altered photograph
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T-Shirt for sweet little Maxwell!
A watercolor of Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious, singing
Fish Mandala for Deborah and Doug, watercolor, 10.5
Some people call him the space cowboy.  Some people call him the LOBSTER OF LOVE. This is Steve.
Here's a small book that I created and bound, using the coptic stitch.  3.5
Full Moon, Black Cat.  Watercolor and India ink. 5x7
Jay and I are Fisher Price Little People, painted on a vinyl record.  WHEEEEEEE.
Watercolor.  Purple polkadotted Maneki Neko.
Watercolor.  A hibiscus