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Most of these paintings were created between 2000-2005. They are very old. I've been painting on records since about 2001, but besides records and conventional
paintings, I've painted on mailboxes, pallets, shipping containers, swimming pools, towel bars, clothing, shoes, rocks, dominoes, and all sorts of fun oddities. I am
passionate about repurposing discarded or broken items into visual art.
The Rachro Art Gallery
An old gouache painting of the man in the moon.
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Painting of a dream I had, in comic form.  I gave it away as a prize for solving an anagram puzzle that I created.
A watercolor of Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious, 1990
Some people call him the space cowboy. Some people call him the LOBSTER OF LOVE. This is Steve.
Wash the dust off of your soul. 2001
Dove Mandala. Acrylic paint on vinyl record, 2001.
Jay and I are Fisher Price Little People, paint on vinyl record.
Little Girl and her Dog, painted record 2005
Painted record, 2005
Painted record from a dream I had, where an octopus was my hat.
Tiny glow in the dark painting of Northern Lights, 2018
Tiny 4
Tiny fluorescent painting of Northern Lights, 2018
Tiny 4
Painted record, glow in the dark paint on vinyl, 2019
Poppies. Electric outlet cover painted with ink, 2016
Painted record, 2015
Come and look at a flash of my older funky stash...In the Gallery d'Rach
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