Info de la Rachro
You mean you actually want to know about me?  Hmm.  Gosh, thanks. Well, here are some pictures of the creatures I love the most.
I am mother to a couple of unique and talented humans. These pictures are from a long time ago.
Trinity knows that
"The Matrix is all around you" but
apparently doesn't care.  RIP, Trin.
And now
a word from our sponsor:
"Use Veggie Clean!"
Go home.
Happy monkey.
Ah loves me Bongo.
Bongo was my dog soulmate.  He
was a Boston Terrier mix who was
rescued from the
Citizens for
Animal Protection in Houston,
Texas.  I miss you, Bongo.
I am married to my Leapling, Django J.
Fonzie, the coolest, tiniest, and friendliest inbred
chihuahua on the planet.
I am also the step-mom to these adventurous and gifted humans. They're all grown up now, too.
We met as music students in high school at The High School for Performing and Visual Arts, in Houston, Texas.
He asked me out when we were sophomores  I said no.  I had a boyfriend.
He told me that it was okay, because one day we would get married.  I didn't believe him then.
Through some bizarre coincidences, we crossed paths again over 2 decades later.
We got married in a Chinese restaurant in Seattle on Leap Day, 2008.
Our rather awesome high school friend and totally rad preacherman,
Jason Nodler, married us.
Jay and I had a baby boy in 2011.
All information and images on this page are copyright Rachelle Rose 2002-2021 and beyond.
Ellie was adopted as a puppy from the
Harris County Animal Shelter, rescued on
her last 12 hours before she was
scheduled to be euthanized.  She is the
smartest, sweetest dog. Please adopt;
Don't shop!
By the way, I love dogs.
We recently adopted a pregnant pug and kept 2 of her 6
puppies.  The other 4 puppies were adopted by friends
and family.  You are cordially invited to follow the
adventures of
Pi and Frankenstein on Instagram and see
their documented shenanigans.
We also have a couple of goats and some chickens.
We had our wedding at the (now defunct and totally refaced) China Gate restaurant.  It has a fascinating
history in the Chinatown/International District of Seattle. Located at 516 7th Ave S, it was originally built in 1924
as the Chinese Grand Opera Theater to house a Peking Opera company.  When we got married, the owner,
Sonny, was so kind to us.  He was once friends with Bruce Lee and showed us a framed picture of them
together. The ceiling was covered in beautiful, hand-carved plaques.  We had a super fun wedding, then
karaoke, followed by a late night rock and roll reception in the Grotto at the
Rendezvous.  Legend has it that
the Grotto was once the original Rendezvous speakeasy during the prohibition days.
Now that's the bee's knees.