Please let me introduce my Rachro banner.  Put her on your website with a link back to me.
When you are sad, she will cheer you up.
When you are happy, her heart will leap with joy.
When you are bored, she will inspire you with a recitation of immortal poetry.
When you are thirsty, she will lovingly mix up a mouth-watering margarita made with fresh lime juice and serve it to you in a salted glass.
My B-B-B-Banneration
What...?  Did i just write that?  Oh man.
Well, anyway, here is my first try at banner making.  And while I can't promise that it will do anything in the section described above,
I can promise that it will look great on your website.  So link away, mi amigo!
the 88x31 version
the 394x74 version
Please link the Rachro banners to
The handy 125 x 125 size
the 125x125 version
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