Who is the Angry Kitten?

Many years ago, when I was living in Portland, Oregon,  I was taking a martial arts class.  I was practicing some
punches during one session - we had to punch at our opponent for 2
minutes without stopping.  About halfway into
it, I was trying to punch as furiously as I could, but obviously I wasn't punching hard enough to be impressive.  I
was completely exhausted and had lost all of my steam.
Still, I had a scowl on my face and was swinging wildly.

My instructor walked over to me as I was throwing my chaotic punches and said
in his supercute accent,
"Rachelle.  What you doing?  You fight like angry kitten."

Then, my opponent starts laughing, and she's all like, "Oh my gosh, you're right!  She does look like an angry
I never really felt tough after that.
However, I
made a mental note that it would make a cute name for a website someday.  So I bought the domain
soon afterwards
Now, I am the proud owner of www.TheAngryKitten.com.

I used to make 1" buttons for people and local bands, as part of the Cult of the Angry Kitten.  I have not been
making them lately, so some of this information is a little dated.

The picture on the button is the Angry Kitten depicted above.
For an extremely modest fee, I would be happy to send an Angry Kitten to live with you.
He will not spray your furniture.
He will not scratch your antique, mahogany armoire.
He doesn't have claws or even a body, for goodness sake.
He's just a wicked little feline head, as you can see.

Go home.
All information and images on this page are Copyright 2004-2019, by Rachelle Rose.
More designs might come later.  Some will be angry.  Some will not.
But click HERE to see my page on Instagram, which is also known as THEANGRYKITTEN.
Approximate size of Angry Kitten button
Approximate size of Angry Kitten button
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