Welcome, mon ami.  You've reached my virtual parking lot.  This is where the tour begins.
Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.
Whatever the cause, a good scream can liberate you...
Try it.
No need to adjust your speakers.  The noise is in your head.
All images and information copyright Rachelle Rose 2002-2019 and beyond.
Thank you to the random screamers who trusted me and let me take their picture, even though I was just some
weirdo off the street.  Also, special thanks to the brilliant and beautiful Buffy Key, for her fabulous mouth and
deafening, silent scream.
The engine is running.
Are you ready?
CLICK HERE and imagine you hear a mysterious, other-worldly
Get on the bus and start the tour.
Click the pic below, fine passenger.
You'd better cover your ears for this one.  Silent, yet deafening.
After your tour,
click these lips for an extra-special treat.
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