Prayer to Carolyn Jones
Say the name Carolyn Jones, and most people don't know who you're talking about, unless they are fellow useless trivia freaks.  She was the
gorgeous, graceful, yet wily actress who was best known as Morticia Addams on the Addams Family TV show in the 1960's.
But how many people know that she was nominated for an Oscar?  Or that she worked with Elvis, Frank Capra, Bing and Bob, or Hitchcock?
Or that she was a disc jockey?
Carolyn Jones was born on April 28, 1929, in Amarilllo,Texas.  She died on August 3, 1983, at her home in California.
To see a list of her amazing accomplishments in film and television, click
I created this lovely, decoupaged, and oh so tasteful inspirational candle for Carolyn Jones and wrote a prayer for her.
Here's the fine print on the back:
"O, Beautiful Carolyn Jones!
I place my humble soul before you, and in my boredom with modern television in an age of virtually-created, surgically altered,
homogeneous perfection, beseech you to aid me with your mighty and mysterious powers.  Though your movie and television appearances
are too numerous to mention here, I celebrate your outstanding roles as the Batman villainess 'Marsha Queen of Diamonds,'  your roles with
Elvis, Vincent Price, and the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.  I turn to you for inspiration through your most memorable and beloved
role of Morticia Addams:
Neat.  Sweet.  Petite.
In lighting this candle, I celebrate your spirit as a truly swinging chick of the 50's and 60's.  May the loving kindness of your power help me
and bestow on me a fraction of your vampy, quirky charm that will enable me to live in peace and happiness,
and also look as good as you did in a black tube dress.
Amen. "
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