I'm a fussy cupcake!  Grrr!
Fussy Cupcake
Join the Cult of the Angry Kitten!  RAWR!
Angry Kitten
The Angry Kitten Collection
Yummy peppermint!
All buttons are 1" diameter.  Grrr!
All images, designs, and information Copyright 2004-2012 and beyond, by Rachelle Rose.  RAWR!
Red + Pink = Love, baby.
Red Star
Blue Star
Got Quadrophenia?
Red Star
Blue Star
Black Cat
Black Cat
Back to The Angry Kitten Page.  Meow!
More buttons coming soon!  And if you have a special request for a design*, do tell.  
Each button costs $1.00 (US), plus $.50 for shipping and handling.  If you would like to purchase more than 1
button, I'd be happy to combine the shipping costs and give one shipping cost based on the weight of your parcel.
I kiss my dog on the mouth
I Kiss My Dog
On The Mouth
I Read Banned
Jared's Red
Tenniel's White Rabbit, created for my buddy, WWhite
White Rabbit
Maneki Neko, the Lucky Cat
Mankei Neko
*Things that look good on 1" buttons:

pictures of family members or pets
your band's logo or name
city landmarks that make you think of good times
favorite quotes or lyrics
cropped (scanned) photographs that you love
I'm floating in spaaaaaaaaaace...
Lava lamp - you can leave this one on for hours!  It won't overheat.
Tea:  A daily ritual for many, including myself.
Designed for the holidays of 2004
Lava Lamp
Dove of Peace
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